Livening Up was created for building authoritative information on a multitude of topics so people can come to one place. We do this by creating the ultimate article on a given subject which may have been requested by one of our readers.

This is not a mass article producing site as we want to leverage quality over quantity.

We have only just started this site and hope to grow it into a trustworthy source. In order to do this, we have to rely on our readers to come back and turn into loyal readers. This can only be accomplished by quality content.

What Is This Site About

So what will we write about? Collectively, we have always been interested in health. I know what your saying! Not another health site! However, we want to be a little different. We want to supply the ultimate reviews, suggestions and in-depth analysis that you simply do not get any where else. The internet is becoming polluted with garbage and we aim to do our part in changing that.

Very rarely can I visit a site without wondering what they are selling or how they are making money from it. Do not misinterpret this though. We will have to fund this site some way which will come from sales etc, but in general, we want to be bursting with information, images, infographics and video.

This is going to be our more serious site, but if you want to go to our other fun site, you can visit it at livenedup.com. Livened Up is based on curating all the best articles I can find on the internet. There are a few random recommendations in there such as home decor, but that is just because we loved it so much. Generally though, it is recommending health, home, garden, DIY and Alternative articles.

We hope you enjoy this site.