The Power of P90X – An Honest Review

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The P90X workout system touts itself as being able to get you in great shape in the next 90 days of your life – and the truth is, it works.

There’s a certain amount of science involved behind the P90X program, and though we’ll touch on the science aspect of the program as well as my personal P90X Review; it’s more necessary for you to understand what’s required on your part. What it takes is dedication, commitment, and few people these days are willing to muster up enough of it in order to undergo a challenge that will dramatically impact their life.

The P90X Review

My Personal P90X Review

In two words: it’s tough.

I was in sub-par shape when I started, but when I was done with my tryout I had gained more than 10 pounds in muscle, as well as a load of stamina and endurance that I didn’t have previously.

I can’t stress enough that it takes commitment, but so do most things worth having. I’ve met plenty of people who’ve bought expensive workout equipment, and multiple workout programs, whether it be P90X, Insanity, whatever… and they go nowhere with it.

I said it before; it takes dedication and commitment. You can’t just look at the chiseled body on the television and expect to magically have it just by buying the program. Sure, your brain works in a way that convinces yourself that’s all it takes, but deep down you know better.

This is also where I appreciate the marketing of the P90X workout system. They present themselves up front, telling you it’s going to be a difficult climb to the top of the proverbial mountain. They don’t sell you a dream, they sell you a solution, and it’s your choice whether you use it or not.

Overall, I find the entire P90X DVD set to be worth your time and money, so long as you’re serious about getting results.

The Science Behind P90X

Like I said before, you don’t need to understand the science of the P90X system in order to benefit from it. However, there are certainly those who are more technical-minded, so this is for you.

The P90X workout videos have been presented in a way that creates “muscle confusion”. You see, when you perform a redundant action, your body naturally begins to acclimate and find the easiest way to perform it. This is exactly what you DON’T want when it comes to toning your body, developing muscle mass, and trimming off fat.

Muscle confusion is important to help you avoid physically plateauing – or hitting a “ceiling”. This way your improvements never slow down or completely hit a wall.

To some, muscle confusion might sound bogus. However, it’s an approach to maximizing your personal gains that’s been incorporated by Tony Horton – a 20 year expert in fitness training and creator of the P90X system. The process is tough, and it’s meant to be in order to maximize gains.

In my personal experience, this approach works well and has yielded positive outcomes.

Your Personal Approach

You’re going to have a tough, but gainful 90 days ahead of you once you get hold of your P90X DVDs. Even before you get started though, you need to be outstandingly excited to begin.

There are other websites that tell you all about the routines and what to expect; it’s unnecessary. You can learn that stuff from the Beach Body website here that sells the p90X workout system. This is about YOU, and YOUR approach.

What kind of gains do you want? Are you overweight and looking to cut down on fat? Are you really skinny and looking to bulk up? Or are you right in the middle, where you could benefit from both? Whatever it is, decide which is important to you now, because that’s going to determine your approach.

Yes, the P90X calendar keeps you on track as to which workout to do each day, but you are your own “X factor” of sorts, and so how you discipline yourself will be a major factor as to whether or not you succeed or fail over the next 90 days. Consider the following:

If you’re overweight, then you’re going to get the most benefit out of the diet. The workout system will obviously help you, but sticking to the P90X nutrition guide will give you the best results. You may not want to hear that, but it requires discipline, and you don’t get a great body without it.

If you’re underweight, the workout routine is going to be your best friend, but only if you load up on the necessary dietary intake. Protein traditionally works very well, and P90X has its own recommended brands to use. Don’t skimp on this, because work your butt off without having the required nutrients is going to severely undermine your efforts. You’ll work hard and see little results, so you’ll believe that the system doesn’t work when really it’s simply that you didn’t load up on the proper nutrients.

The Results of P90X (Testimonials)

My Advice for Your P90X Workout

I find that most of the people who start using the program, but end up stopping shortly after, have something in common. They burn themselves out.

It’s psychological. They start working out, but they feel outdone by the people in the DVD who can do more than they can.  So what happens is they push themselves to exhaustion and overwork themselves just to try and keep up.

The next day they feel sick and unable to start another session. This is a trap of their own making, because they convince themselves that they’ll “work out some more tomorrow”, and then they never do. The harsh reality is that they’ve really just given up on themselves right then and there.

When you get your copy of the P90X workout system, don’t let this happen to you.

All you need to do is pace yourself. When a workout starts to feel a little uncomfortable, take a break until you’re feeling completely good to go again. Oh, you’ll hear the instructor in the DVD yell out “keep pushing hard!” And you’ll feel an obligation to keep going. Don’t.

Take my advice, and by the end of each DVD, you’re going to feel that you’ve got in a great workout. You’re taking steps to improve yourself, and in taking my advice to take a break for however long you need once things are uncomfortable, you’re going to stick with the system for the long run, and you WILL start seeing results.

Be proud of yourself – few people ever truly commit themselves to a result. Devote yourself to your P90X calendar, workout every day, pace yourself (I can’t stress this enough), and you’ll start seeing and feeling results in just a couple of weeks. Once you start noticing a difference in your body, you’ll be hooked.

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